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Why Choose HopeNet?

At HopeNet, we believe that empowered leaders, strong teams and healthy community create companies that are more successful and productive. That’s why we offer professional Coaching and Training. We have ICF, EQ-I 2.0 and Gallup certified coaches and trainers with over 15 years of experience ready to address your toughest issues. For over 25 years, HopeNet has been serving Wichita. Program income and donations provide a sliding scale for clients who need it most. 

Brett, Executive Coaching Client

“It is really helpful for me to talk through what is happening as I try and seek a work-life balance. Thanks to my coaching, I now communicate better with my family and also made tangible changes at work to improve communication, conflict resolution skills and help employees know that they are valuable.”

Lori, Coaching Client

“My coach helped me break down the areas of my life. We looked to see which areas were working well and which were not. Then we would set weekly goals for me to work on. The next week we would discuss how those goals worked during the week. We also talked through things that needed to be set aside for now.”

Nancy, Leadership Coaching Client

“I was so afraid to venture on my own. But with help of my coach I was able to vision cast and get excited about where I wanted to go. I learned to turn this vision into a tangible strategy and set goals.”

Brianna, Leadership Coaching Client

“What sold me on HopeNet was the fact that they address the whole person, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual. To leave out any of those would be like trying to drive a 3 wheeled car. “

Jared, Pastor and Training Client

“The training our church received from HopeNet was very informative and helpful to being to address a topic that most do not want to talk about. Mental illness is more complex and complicated than I realized.”

John, Coaching Client

“I learned that poverty is not always about you. It is about your past. I am proud of who I am, was, and will be. Money is great, but goals are better. They get you where you want to go. I learned hidden rules on how to interact withemployers and organizations – that was the best part! I have learned to speak with confidence and grace.”

Craig, Leadership Coaching Client

“Leadership Coaching has given me a lot more confidence in my various roles. I know what God has called me to and I am acting out of that and not out of someone else’s to-do list for me. Leadership Coaching has also given me a chance to see some of my blind spots. We all have blind spots and leaders are especially prone to blind spots. We need accountability and someone to poke and prod us a bit to open our eyes to those blind spots.”

At HopeNet, we know that you want yourself and your employees to be engaged, confident and productive. In order to do that, you need professional training and coaching. The problem is you are seeing disengagement and conflict, which makes you feel frustrated and discouraged. We understand that you are not seeing progress in your life, the lives of your employees and in your company, which is why we have ICF, EQ-I 2.0 and Gallup certified coaches and trainers with over 15 years of experience ready to address your toughest issues. 

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