Many leaders in businesses and churches begin their leadership journey full of energy and purpose. They can see possibilities opening up to them. But so often, as they get into their roles as leaders, stagnation can set in and they lose sight of what they are trying to accomplish. Leadership coaching can be a valuable tool that a leader can use to sharpen their goals and examine what’s holding them back.

Leadership coaching guided me through problem-solving and helped me progress in areas I had previously felt stalled in. ~Cara

We all want to feel forward motion, both personally and professionally. The chaos of modern life leaves little space to create and track personal and career goals that would lead to that forward motion. One can get trapped by leading and making decisions only by trial and error, which can waste time and lead to frustration. What we need is a new perspective.  Meeting with a leadership coach can help discern what is most important  at this moment in time. Coaching helps broaden the perspective of the leader by examining the assumptions and motivations behind their current actions. A coach can help you assess:

  • Are these current actions, based on my assumptions leading me to the results I need right now?
  • What other actions would help me move forward more effectively?
  • I don’t want to stay in the same place I am now–where do I want to be in 2 or 3 months?
  • How do I get there?

You are the center of leadership coaching. Your company, ministry or family will benefit from the results as you are able to focus your energy on what will make the most difference in your life right now.

Leadership Coaching with HopeNet has proven to be a valuable and engaging experience. What I like most about my individual coaching sessions is the opportunity to clarify and be specific about my goals. Each week after the sessions, I leave feeling like I have accomplished something and am moving forward in my leadership journey. ~Chris