Why Invest in Professional Development for yourself or your Team?

Whether you are leading a handful of ministry leaders in your local church or over hundred employees at a major Wichita aerospace company, investing in professional development for you and your team is vital. Kevin Lynch reminds readers in Forbes that companies will succeed when they help their employees succeed. Investing in your employees really is investing in your company and its growth. Here are 5 reasons you should consider adding professional development training to your budget this year:

  1. Professional development will help create leaders who own their positions. Fear of failure and insecurity are behind a lot of procrastination and lack of ownership. Giving employees knowledge and skills through additional training will help allay those fears. I was (and really still am) terrified of small children choking. But an employer sent me to a CPR class and I have a lot less anxiety now because I learned skills I need to respond to that situation.
  2. Taking the time for professional development allows you, the leader, to reflect on the organization’s direction and goals. Taking the time to learn from other leaders at a conference or training or sitting down with an executive coach allows you space to think about the big picture and see other possibilities for your team.
  3. Having your whole team go to a training and reflect and learn together can often bring out skills and interests you didn’t know your team had. As your team is exposed to new ideas and gets out of normal routines, you might learn that you have interests and talents you didn’t know about and can possibly delegate some more items from your plate to others. At a teambuilding training, you might find out that an employee is a very natural speaker and would be a great person to represent the company at networking events.
  4. As we take time to step away from our normal tasks and learn from others, we might find that we need to say “no” to items on our task list. As you tweak your organizations direction and goals, you can learn that you are doing things that don’t fit into that direction anymore. That’s when it’s time to say no to that task.

There are so many benefits to investing in developing your team—these are just a few. If you are interested in coaching or training from HopeNet, give us a call. See how fast you start to see the benefits!