Move Forward Together with Coaching Groups at HopeNet


Join a group of like-minded people working on meeting their goals. Coaching groups will help you clarify your strengths and identify barriers that are keeping your from personal growth.  


Current Offerings: 

Important Conversations

Led by Jo Lynn Bright

Fall 2019 (6 participants minimum)

Have you found yourself in conversations that started out casual and engaging, then all of a sudden you’re in an emotional space that you didn’t plan on?  This happens to the best of us!  This group experience will equip you to discover a more excellent way to communicate in the ways you desire, rather than leaving interactions with regret and frustration.

  • Navigating important conversations well in our personal & professional lives
  • Explore three critical ingredients that will help identify when you venture into conversations that matter
  • Learn seven (7) helpful tools to utilize when important conversations have the potential to go awry and possibly do harm in key relationships
  • Take the opportunity to practice learned skills before important conversations take place

Jo Lynn invites you to take this journey with her as we venture into conversations with practiced skill and a new sense of confidence.

$25 / group coaching session or $75 for all 4 sessions (if paid in advance)

Finding Margin in Your Everyday

Led by Kate Young

Fall 2019 (6 participants minimum)

Are you feeling exhausted, controlled and scattered? Do the words “simplify, balance and calm” seem like an exotic vacation? If so, this coaching group will help you change your stress, business and hurry into intention, productivity and refreshment.

This group is for women who are ready to explore their relationship with time:

  • Explore realistic ways and strategies to increase your capacity to accomplish more by doing less
  • Identify ways the Lord has uniquely equipped you to recharge
  • Learn to be the leader of your own schedule and write the story of your life

$25 / group coaching session or $75 for all 4 sessions (if paid in advance)

Getting Ahead Workshop

Led by Victoria McClure

Fall 2019

Join a support group designed to help you gain stability in your finances, career, and family. Investigate ways to get out of poverty and gain resources to achieve goals. Call our office for more information or click here for our 2018 Getting Ahead brochure. Want to hear what people in the Getting Ahead Workshop have to say about the group?

Click here to hear Sarah’s Getting Ahead testimony.

The Getting Ahead Workshop is a collaborative support group that explores resources that specifically focus on financial crisis and getting ahead out of poverty. Participants identify barriers to getting out of poverty and generate incentive through strategic collaborative brainstorming. As an incentive builder, participants investigate obstacles and receive a $20 gift card each week for their feedback and participation.